For Trip Participants

Service learning trips provide a great opportunity to volunteer while traveling. Cultural immersion and service activities offer valuable opportunities to interact with local residents and learn through hands-on projects.

You will need:

1. FORMS - In order to participate, ALL Trip Participants MUST sign and submit BOTH a Medical Information Form and a Liability Waiver

2. PROOF OF HEALTH INSURANCE - All Trip Participants must show proof of individual personal health insurance coverage.

3. IDENTIFICATION - All Trip Participants must provide appropriate identification and travel documents including passports and visas when applicable.

Check with government agencies to determine visa and passport requirements, as well as clarify travel tariffs and taxes that may be required by government agencies when entering or leaving some countries. Registrants without appropriate signed forms, identification and and travel documents including passports and visas when applicable, may not be allowed to travel, cross borders, or participate in trip activities, or may even be retained at border or customs checkpoints by government authorities.

Reminders when traveling...It is important to:

  • be conscious and respectful of local people, places, and customs.
  • stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids.
  • wear sunscreen, hats, and long-sleeves when in the sun or wind.
  • obey all local and national laws and cooperate with VolunTour staff and personnel.
    Trip Participants who are not able or willing to obey local and national law will not be allowed to continue to participate, may be sent home at their own expense, and may be retained by government authorities.

NOTE: In many circumstances, it may be considered inappropriate or even offensive for visitors to take photos. Be considerate and if longing to take photos of local residents and their families, homes, or belongings, be sure to ask permission.





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