Donations: We need your help!

Air Miles
In-kind donations of air miles support the participation of students-in-need and long-term volunteers, providing travel scholarships and resources for program engagement and development.

We Need
We need your help! The communities we serve are often in need of initial resources to build their capacity for self-reliance over time.
To support the demands of community projects and group travel, we need the following items through in-kind donations or financial contributions incuding:

  • clean, functional camping tents
  • seeds, compost, hay, garden tools
  • a water cistern or drip irrigation piping
  • solar panels
  • lumber, construction materials, roofing paper or tiles
  • old windows or sliding glass doors
  • clean metal barrels or plastic water barrels
  • working latops and desktop computers
  • a passenger van, a double-cab pick-up truck
  • a reliable car for rural transport of up to 4 people
  • a long-term dorm or temporary houseing for interns or volunteers

DONATE HERE to make a make a financial donation online through our secure web site or send donations to
Via International 1955 Julian Avenue, CA 91913 USA.

Via International is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization authorized to receive tax-deductible donations in the USA and Mexico.



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