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For centuries, human beings have cared for each other.

For decades, schools and community organizations have responded to the needs of others through service, both near home and afar. As institutions formalized this commitment, service learning has become common practice for many educational and community organizations.

For more than 30 years, Via International ~Los Niños has been strengtening community development initiatives with support from volunteer service groups and has become recognized as a leader in Service Learning trips for high school, college, and university student groups throughout North America.

At the turn of the millenium, the term "voluntourism" began to emerge as a way of bringing service opportunities to the world of tourism.

In 2002, Via International ~ Los Niños began a partnership with David Clemmons to develop and grow the social enterprise of voluntourism in response to an an effort to create a cause-based initiative for the San Diego Convention and Visitor's Bureau that would offer more meaningful travel options for inbound leisure and business travelers. In partnership with Via INternatinal ~ Los Niños, David Clemmons founded and developed www.voluntourism.org, a public service project designed to provide access to resources and research on the growing industry of voluntourism.

As demand has grown, Via International ~ Los Niños has expanded its services to provide integrated development support to additional communities and to offer service learning travel opportunities to additional locations.

In 2009, Los Niños changed its name to Via International and launched the Institute for Community Development and Voluntourism to provide capacity-building support to organizations, educational institutions, corporations, and communities interested in deepening their efforts in integrated community development and voluntourism.

To learn more about international VolunTour opportunities or to learn more about how the Institute can support your community, organization, or institution in growing voluntourism initiatives successfully, contact 619-795-9477

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