to serve as a Short-term, Fly-In,
or Long-term Intern

Short-term and Fly-In Interns

If you have traveled with us as a service trip participant in the past and want to come back, let us know. We are accepting applications for Short-term and Fly-In Interns to assist with small community projects or to support the success of other service learning trips by serving as an intern and assisting the staff and community representatives as needed. Opportunities to intern range from 7 to 14 days, or 1 to 3 months depending on seasonal and community needs.

Long-term Interns

Not sure how to spend your summer or what to do after graduation? Come and work with Via International as long-term volunteer. Live and work in the communities we serve and support our service prograls to gain valuable training and experience in non-profit work, group facilitation, and international development efforts.

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Contact us at 619-795-9477
or info@viainternational.org



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